Value-Add Solutions (CE)

Move the needle or sit on the shelf

Move the needle or sit on the shelf

Value-add programs have developed a mixed reputation over the years. On one hand, you need them in order to be in the game. On the other hand, they’re not widely used because they often don’t tie directly back to sales. Not surprisingly, the quality of value-add programs varies greatly, often resulting in low expectations among advisors and low adoption rates among wholesalers.

Give your sales teams the access and visibility they need to succeed

Surveys of advisors have identified the delivery of value-add programs as a top area of improvement for fund companies. But, many wholesalers are reluctant to risk their hard-earned reputations on content they don’t fully understand or support. Our philosophy on value-add is simple: it should be investment-focused and it should be delivered by the wholesaler. With over 25 years of experience, we know how to build value-add programs that bridge the gap between content advisors want and content wholesalers can (and will) deliver.

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