Professional Development

Top sales people do two things better than most

They are laser-focused on helping the buyer obtain the outcomes they seek.

They have better 'conversational proficiencies' than their peers.

People don’t need drills, they need to make holes

Why, Not What

At Van Etten Consulting, we know what it takes to raise the game of your top producers. More important, we know how to raise the game  of your ‘moveable middle’. In our experience, the difference between the top and middle ranks is seldom explained by a gap in product knowledge. Yet, most firms pursue a product training strategy, attempting to turn their sales people into product experts. In today’s market, your product (the ‘What”) is not a point of differentiation – it is a commodity.

Reverse Engineering the Sales Process

We start with the end in mind. By reverse-engineering the sale, we help your sales people connect more dots and make more ‘holes’. This approach is both the antithesis of product training and its natural complement. Answering  the ‘Why’ before the ‘What’ is the only way to build influence with the advisor and get to a ‘buy’ decision.

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