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Keith Van Etten

Keith Van Etten


Keith Van Etten is the Founder of Van Etten Consulting, Inc. and has worked in the financial services industry for over 25 years. His experience in Distribution ranges from working as a wealth advisor at a private bank to a national sales manager for a major asset manager. Over that time, he has recruited, coached and mentored dozens of sales people who have gone on to successful careers as advisors, wholesalers, national account managers and distribution executives.

His strong belief is that the financial services industry is in the early stages of a major transformation in how advice is delivered and portfolios are constructed. His current focus is on Alternative Investments and Behavioral Finance, areas with enormous potential to improve investment outcomes for investors but still in their infancy in terms of widespread adoption. Mr. Van Etten has extensive experience in both areas, believing strongly that applications-based training for advisors is the key to unlocking their potential. In partnership with Greene Consulting, he has produced professional development programs and delivers consulting services focused on both topics.


“Excellent, provided a ray of light into a misunderstood asset class as far as its importance. Great delivery.”

Due Diligence Meeting

Wirehouse Advisor

“Keith has quite obviously conducted volumes of research to develop his training program. His depth and preparation, coupled with a great understanding of the sales team’s needs, suit him for preparing such a group with next-level knowledge. With the competitive demands driving us all to stay on top of trends (and realities) of alternative investments, this program was a great solution for our needs.”

Training Meeting

Managing Director, Institutional Sales

“If you are looking to arm your sales professionals with some of the best intellectual capital, I believe you’d find them to be a wonderful resource and partner.”

Referral to National Sales Manager

from former Fund Wholesaler

“Again, thank you for your help with this effort. Our timeframe was quite concise, but the content you developed is fantastic!”

Building CE for Major Mutual Fund

Marketing Executive

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